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It’s so nice to meet you

Adservio means passion, effort, dedication and a constant desire to offer the children of Romania a better future.
Day by day, we’re enthusiastically developing the educational management system that has had a great impact on the progress of education in Romania!
We’re all in it for a brighter future.
Our team, together with over 100 000 educators, pupils and parents, is constantly developing the system that ensures a better education.

Ștefan Holicov / Founding Partner

Hi, I’m Ştefan!
We’ve designed Adservio because we wanted to contribute to an efficient educational system and encourage modern teaching methods. I'm very glad that I’ve chosen this path and I strongly believe that the future of education is worth all effort!

Alex Holicov / Founding Partner

Hello, I’m Alex and I firmly believe that the power to change the world belongs to those who have faith that their dreams will come true!

Romanian educational system and this is why I’ve chosen to dedicate myself to developing and then coordinating Adservio.

Daniel Onișoru / Dev Team Coordinator

Have you ever imagined how many things can be improved and revolutionized through clever use of modern technology ?
I know I have. That’s why I’m very passionate about coding and I’m always looking for perfection in everything I do. I’m thrilled I have the opportunity of working along a very talented dev team and together we are doing our best to create an interesting experience for each of our users.

Marian Andrei / Developer

Hi there!
My name is Marian and I am one of the Adservio developers.

I’m very passionate about what I do and I’m actively contributing to improving the user experience of those who visit our website.

Alex Chihaia / Graphic Designer

My name is Alex and I’m the one who takes care of making Adservio look absolutely perfect. I love playing with shapes, lines and colour. In short, design is my greatest passion.

Paula Olariu / Customer Service Consultant

Hi, I’m Paula! I like finding solutions to all problems and having an answer for every question. Please don’t hesitate to call me in case you need any advice regarding Adservio.

George Tudorie / Technician

Hello! I’m George. I provide technical support for all Adservio schools in Bucharest and I’m closely monitoring the effective functioning of Adeservio systems.

Cosmin Olaru / Technician

Nice to meet you! My name is Cosmin,
and I am constantly monitoring the Adservio systems used by our schools, making sure they are always working perfectly.