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How do I activate the Adservio account?

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If your school is on the list of Adservio school, you should have a card with the platform access code. The code you require is written on it.

If you haven’t received the card, ask your form teacher or call Customer Service on 0332 10 28 28.

With the card in front of you, follow the steps described below in order to activate your account:

Step 1: Access the Adservio web page on and select the button Create account;

Step 2: Type in the activation code made up of 6 figures from the card received from Adservio through the school you belong to. Click Continue;

Step 3: Continue the registering process with your valid phone number or e-mail address (it must be an e-mail address you use on a regular basis because through it you will receive the validation code of your account);

Step 4: Set a password which is as safe as possible, of at least 6 figures. Confir the password; For more information related to choosing a safe password, access the article:  “Why should I change my password? “

Step 5: Confirm the e-mail address or the phone number, according to what you have chosen in the previous step

 - if you have chosen to register with your e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail with a link which you will have to access in order to activate your personal Adservio account;

- if you have chosen to register with your phone number, you will receive a validation code that you have to type in the corresponding box from the site. That was all!

Now you can browse the site and enjoy the benefits of the Adservio platform.


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